Got Me a Netbook

I’m having fun with my latest new toy: a Samsung NC10.  Nice looking screen, great keyboard, 150G hard drive and all for less than $500.00.  I haven’t done anything on Windows XP for a while so it’s kind of a blast from the past.  Still, this may be my daily laptop come January…


Page Counts for Books at Amazon

I just noticed that, for some books, the page counts listed at Amazon are incorrect.  For example, Software Factories is listed as having 500 pages.  I have the book and, counting the pages in the beginning that are numbered with roman numerals, there are 696 pages.  This isn’t the only one I’ve seen…


GTAC 2008 Videos

GTAC is a cool idea.  I see that there are videos of this years talks.


Patricia and Robert Fripp

Saturday morning I went to see the Fripp Siblings speak.  I have long been a King Crimson fan but I have also followed Mr. Fripp’s work and writings outside the context of KC.  This was a rare opportunity for me to hear Mr. Fripp speak rather than play live and in person and he said some things…



Back from AYE conference today.  I’m going to sleep now…


AYE 2008

It’s Sunday evening and I just got back from the traditional welcome dinner for AYE 2008.  It was great to see some old AYE friends and meet a couple of new ones as well.  Some thoughts from the dinner and post-dinner conversations (which I want to just jot down here so I don’t forget about them):…


The Gemini Project

For the past year and a half I’ve been working in the SQL Server Analysis Services team.  This week, we unveiled some details about the new project we’re working on, project Gemini (aka Kilimanjaro), at the second annual BI conference.  A quick rundown of some of what the web is saying about it: News:,1000000121,39499503,00.htm  Blogs:!7B84B0F2C239489A!2818.entry…


Continually Improving Tests

I had a conversation with someone this week about how to improve the efficiency of our automated test runs.  One thing I suggested was going through our test suites and getting rid of obsolete, redundant, and troublesome tests.  I expected to get pushback around us not having resources to do the work but instead the pushback…


Tester Center – Where’s the Updates??

MSDN Tester Center hasn’t been updated in a while.  We haven’t given up the ghost – we just lost some of the resources that we were relying on to update the site.  We’re working on fixing the problem and now it looks like we should start to be back in business around mid-October. In the…



I know it’s old already but I just read Jeff Atwoods post on programming books.  I love reading programming (and testing…  and management…  and other…) books myself a lot.  At least a lot compared to what Jeff says the average programmer reads.  I especially like that he included a photo of his programming bookshelf.  Whenever…