Online from Thailand

I’m writing this post from the 3rd floor of a condo building in Bangkok Thailand.  I am on vacation but today my wife has to update her Thai ID card which involves a lot of waiting in a government office.  Since I’m not allowed out of the place we’re staying without a handler (don’t speak…


And not only that….

I see Dean Wills’ new C++/CLI book is also available: APress is definitely the C++/CLI book publisher.  All 3 C++/CLI books I’m aware of are APress books (and there’s at least one more coming…).


New C++/CLI Book Released

My friend Gordon has written a book on C++/CLI and I see that it is now available on  I reviewed a few chapters of this book but I’m looking forward to reading the final version of the whole book.


More VCBlog Goodness…

A couple of new posts have appeared on http://vcblog: Bruce Forstall talks about Gauntlet, an internal tool that we use to gate our developer check-ins. Steve Teixeira reports in from TechEd Barcelona.


Bruno Van Dooren Blogging From TechEd Barcelona

Nice series of posts from TechEd Barcelona (including reviews of some VC++ sessions):


New Version of the Microsoft PE/COFF Spec

I knew we were working during Whidbey to get the PE/COFF spec updated (the previously available version dated back to, I think, 1998 or so).  I noticed that it’s now available on MSDN.  Not in the place I would have expected, though. In the past it was in the Win32 development section but now it’s in…


23.5 Rules of Thumb for Software Development

Here’s a series of videocasts (is that a word) that make up Jim McCarthy’s classic talk on 23.5 rules of software development.  This was back in the mid-90’s and it’s amazing how much of what is said sounds like contemporary best practices.  I actually saw McCarthy (at the time a PM in the Visual C++ product group) give…


Soma on Channel 9

I haven’t watched it yet but our VP has a video up on Channel9.  I’ll be checking it out tonight.


Tonight’s NWCPP Meeting: Kevin Frei on The Cost of C++ Exception Handling on Windows

Wow.  This event will probably be over by the time you read this but I just heard that Kevin Frei is speaking at tonight’s Northwest C++ Users Group meeting.  The topic will be the cost of exception handling. Kevin is eminently qualified to speak on this topic.  He is one of the most knowledgeable people…