Testing with Virtual Server 2005

Sometimes you don’t know how cool a product is until you use it yourself.  I’d always heard folks talking about how great virtual machine technology is but never really had occasion to use it until recently. VS Whidbey doesn’t support running on Win9x operating systems but they do support creating applications that run on some…


Snippets – redirecting stdin,stdout,stderr to a file

I’m starting a new category called snippets.  These posts will be little bits of code that I think are interesting or that I needed to do but took me a while to find or figure out.  I’m posting these because I want a place to collect them and maybe other folks can find them useful as…


Still Here…

Yow.  I went on vacation at the end of July and since then haven’t posted on my weblog.  Not that I’ve been busy, but… Anyway, here in VC++ testing we just finished phase one of our Beta 2 AppWeek.  AppWeek is where we take a week (actually, this time it will end up being two…


Favorite Bloggers

I have added a category to my blog: “Favorite Bloggers.”  What do the blogs in that section have in common?  They have deep knowledge in a subject area that I have a big interest in and they are sharing that knowledge in their blogs. Before I came to Microsoft, I was a Windows SDK programmer. …


Kang Su Gatlin on Channel9

I see that the Channel9 interviews with Kang Su that I saw them filming a couple of weeks ago are starting to show up on Channel9.


Matt Pietrek comes to Microsoft?

I guess so.  Matt has always been one of my favorite columnists because he writes about things near and dear to my heart – how Windows works under the hood.


A new marketing ploy?

A reply to a thread on slashdot points to my previous post and says that it sounds like “a new marketing ploy.”  This really makes me sad because it isn’t at all.  Before I came to Microsoft, my favorite software application was Visual C++ (and that was version 1.0…) and it still is.  And if…


VC++ Express Edition Available!

I see Andy beat me to the punch of being the first VC blogger to mention the new beta VC++ Express SKU.  If I wasn’t a Microsoft employee, I’d be downloading this right now instead of typing this entry… The readme is here. The FAQ is here. The product feedback center is here. The VC++…


Bug Transparency

In the comments to this post from Scoble this past Thursday on the Visual Studio Data team posting their bug stats, someone named matthew says: ”I think what people would really like to see is a ‘known bugs’ list in existing products, not a one page summary like this.” This got me thinking about my…


Danger as a Teaching Mechanism

This is a great post.  Nothing like some major consequences to burn a lesson into your brain.  I have my own similar story: Many years ago I was working with a friend of mine, George, in his basement.  We were a two-man shop (his company) doing embedded hardware and software development.  Working with George, we didn’t use commercial…