Thai Food in Toronto?

I'm in Toronto for a few days and looking for good Thai food.  I have no context so I just walked around and tried a couple of places - not that good.  Today I got a recommendation from a certain well known tester that turned out to be good.  Golden Thai is the best so far.  Nice decor too...

If anyone has other recommendations, leave a comment.

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  1. David says:

    Lime @ Redpath & Eglinton is also good.

  2. ronpih says:

    >>OK, I’m confused — why don’t you use Live Maps??? (^_^)

    I did – just not in my blog post.  Toronto has an amazing amount of Thai restaurants in the downtown area and how to pick the best ones is the issue.  Using Live Maps I did find Pi-Tom’s, which I also liked a lot.

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