Software Testing Blogs

This page contains the list of software testing blogs that I know about.

James Bach
Michael Bolton
Cem Kaner
Lanette Creamer (aka, Testy Redhead)
Adam Goucher
Elisabeth Hendrickson
Matt Heusser
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter - DDJ
Karen N. Johnson
Jonathan Kohl
Alan Page
Bret Pettichord
Josh Poley
BJ Rollison
Steve Rowe
Ben Simo
Pradeep Soundararajan
Keith Stobie
James Whittaker
Marlena Compton
Linda Wilkinson


Jerrad Anderson
Dustin Andrews
Charlie Audritsh
Jonathan Bach
Scott Barber
Vijay Bhaskar
Titus Brown
Bug Free Zone
Paul Carvalho
Chan Chaiyochlarb
Venkat Reddy Chintalapudi
Tim Coulter
Danny Faught
Jeff Fry
Paul Gerrard
Grig Gheorghiu
David Gilbert
Ed Glas
Google Testing
Dominic Hopton
Clint Huffman
Jason Huggins
Madhukar Jain
Eric Jarvi
Raj Kamal
Nihit Kaul
Geordie Keitt
Shrini Kulkarni
Dave Liebreich
Anuj Magazine
Anthony Marcano
John McConda
Bruce McLeod
Chris McMahon
John Overbaugh
Derek Pharr
Debasis Pradhan
Quality Assurance and Software Testing
Jared Quinert
Alan Richardson
Rosie Sherry
Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft
Software Testing Help
Brent Strange
Joe Strazzere
Steve Swanson
Test Crew
Test Notes
Rahul Verma
Mark Waite
Adam White
David Williamson
Ronny De Winter

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  1. ronpih says:

    Thanks Josh.  I added your blog to the list.

  2. Jeroen says:

    to give some contribution to your list here the link to my blog. On my blog I try to express some of my thoughts related to software testing.

    Jeroen’s world of software testing

  3. Titus Brown gets added to the list due to a nice post on test automation .

  4. Similar to my software testing blog list , I’m starting a list of blogs related to SQL Server Analysis

  5. My list of Software Testing Blogs hasn’t been updated in a while. Some links are stale and I’m sure that

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