Looking at Views and Aggregate Views

I was looking at the statistics on some of my recent posts and I found that my post on the book "Happy About Global Test Automation" received far fewer hits than any recent posts.  I'm trying to guess why that is.  What's different between that post and other posts?

Well, the tags are different.  That post has the tags "testing" and "books" (most other recent posts just have the tag "testing").  Could it be that testers aren't interested in books?

 My recent posts haven't been about Visual C++, unlike most of my posts prior to my leaving the VC++ team.  But the post after the "Happy About.." book found my hit counts back up.  That post did mention Michael Bolton, who is well-known in the software testing community, in the title.  Would the hit count have been higher if I mentioned one of the books co-authors, Hung Q. Nguyen, who is also well-known in the software testing community (albeit in a different faction)?

Compared to the post after it, the "Happy About..." post was longer.  But the previous post on the SDET position at Microsoft was longer still and it got what I would consider the normal amount of hits.

Anyway, this was just something that I observed and was curious about...

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