VC++ Roundup

Lots of VC++ happening recently (in no particular order):

ATL Server is now shared source

Marina Polishchuk (VC++ compiler tester) interviewed on Channel9

Steven T. Lavavej (relatively new VC++ Libraries developer) on STL bugs

Matt Travis (not new VC++ compiler tester) on one part of our testing infrastructure

Curt Carpenter (VC++ IDE development lead) on managed incremental build

Wow.  Paul DeLascia's long running MSDN Magazine column is ending

Where's Nish's book?  Amazon says it will be out on Feb. 1 but the button still says Pre-order...

Herb Sutter moves his blog to live spaces

Boris Jabes apparently is working on a multi-part series on interop (I'll have to take some time to read it 🙂 ...)

That's it for now...

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