My New Computer

In my continuing quest to own the coolest, smallest laptop I purchased a new Fujitsu P1510D Lifebook.  It arrived today so I'll have the weekend to spend playing around with it.

It's pretty cool but there are a couple of things I'm not super happy about:

  • The pointing device is one of those eraser-sized nubs that sits in the middle of the keyboard.

  • The touchscreen is pressure sensitive instead of electromagnetic like most other Tablet PCs.  It does a pretty good job of only responding to the stylus but every once in a while, pressure from my hand can grab the cursor.  Not the best if you're writing...

I suppose I'll learn to live with those limitations.  So far everything else about the machine is very cool.

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  1. K Gerue says:

    Sounds very cool, but how would it withstand the Winters of Chicago?

    P.S. Ever visit?

  2. ronpih says:


    How are you doing? And how is Chicago? (I’m assuming you’re reporting from Chi-town.)

    If so, how do you withstand the winters of Chicago? 🙂

    I do get back there every other year or so. And, come to think about it, I was there a couple of years ago and the temperature was about 65 degrees on New Years Day. That wasn’t too bad…

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