Programming Model Bloggers – Latest Updates

I have been updating my list of Programming Model bloggers (There may be more.  I'm not sure who-all is blogging on the Programming Model team yet).  It looks like most of us have been on vacation.  Here are the latest update dates from the bloggers I list:

Herb - December 21, 2005
Nikola - November 10, 2005
Martyn - October 14, 2005
Andy - August 10, 2005
Brandon - July 20, 2005
Jonathan - June 2, 2005

Of course, my blog is the most up-to-date of all since I'm posting today.  My blog is also the most content-free of all since I have nothing here related to any of the technologies the Programming Model team works on here yet.  Hmmm... is there an inverse relation between currency and content?

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