Splintering Off…

My name is Ron Pihlgren.  I am one of the Five Testers From VC.  Five Testers From VC was an experimental group blog that grew out of a book study club that some VC testers have had for the past year or so.  If you've been following that blog, you know that our posting has been sporadic at best.  I think it's because we only thought about posting at the one hour every week that we would normally meet.  Lately, we've had many other events and issues that would prevent us all from meeting even for that one hour some weeks.

So, I got my own blog and here it is.  I'm hoping to post more often than I did over on Five Testers and this can be my unique voice.  Does that mean that I think group weblogs can't work?  No, I just don't think that ours was working that well.  What will happen to Five Testers?  I'm not sure but this will undoubtedly be a topic when we meet this Thursday.

Here's the introduction I posted on Five Testers last November when we were getting started.  I offer it as my introduction for this weblog as well:

“I'm Ron and I'm writing this initial post.  I'm a test lead for the x86 Back-End/Tools team.  My team is responsible for testing the x86 version of the VC++ Compiler Back-end (a.k.a. c2.dll) and other tools like the Linker, Editbin, and Dumpbin.  I've been in this position for about a year now.  Prior to joining the back-end team I worked for about 6 years on the IDE side of VC++ QA and prior to that I spent a couple of years in Developer Support.”

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