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The Trouble with Automation

Post from Trish Khoo (AKA @hogfish):

The Testing Blogosphere – Building a new Blogroll

Since MSDN Blogs moved to a new platform, I’m not sure what happened to all my old pages that weren’t blog posts (including my old list of test blogs).  Oh well, I didn’t maintain them and they were getting pretty long in the tooth anyway.  So, I’m starting at least my list of testing blogs…

My List of Testing Blogs

James BachCem KanerTrish KhooAlan Page

The Testing Blogosphere

Yesterday I noticed that my view of the testing blogosphere is way out of date.  Need to get back into the habit of paying attention to what’s out there…

A New BI Blog

Cristian Petculescu, principal architect on the Analysis Services team, has started blogging.  Cristian’s most recent work was shown in the recent TechEd and BI Conference keynotes – the PivotViewer extension for Reporting Services.  He talks a bit about it in his latest post.

Management Trumps Culture