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The Service Bus concept is so cool and human-friendly. As Azure is investing more in the cloud, Azure Service Bus is supposed to be more powerful. When I tried with Service Bus Queue implementation more than a year ago, it was already impressive, except for the size limit hit due to its poor scalability. Nowadays, we see a lot more applications' architectures are equipped with Service Bus component for various uses. Like riding courser, experimenting with Azure Service Bus is an intriguing activity, and it can also be a "daunting" task. I am starting to share some of the things (good or bad) I learned from work at the grass roots.

This link has an intuitive resource for beginners to start with: However, it is very soon that you will find its capacity planning becomes important at the architecture design stage.  

There are a lot of numbers mentioned on this page ( It took me quite some time to study each quota number. As an example of using Topic/Subscription feature, I'd suggest focusing on the following six numbers as a start:

1. Topic size: 1 GB or more

2. Number of topics per service namespace:  10,000

3. Number of subscriptions per topic: 2,000

4. Message size for a topic/subscription entity: max at 256KB

5. Number of concurrent connections on a topic/subscription entity: 100

6. Number of concurrent receive requests on a topic/subscription entity:  5,000

And, regarding 5 and 6, this article has a decent explanation:


Service Bus used to be offering 1GB up to 5 GB spaces until just recently (a week ago or so), when the portal UI "suddenly" decided to offer 1 GB size of space to every topic you set up either manually or programmatically. This is what I have experienced lately, but it has not been validated by official feature announcement (is there any, yet?).

I guess it was during the feature change transition period of time in production. One of my topic has got "80 GB" size!

See this picture as a sort of proof or "certificate of achievement" (I have masked some strings related to the project.)

It has made me feel so special. I love it, although I have not verified if it does give me that huge space?


Even when I was confused about the increasing usage size in "negative" direction (see below screenshot), I was still cool about it.

If you suspect whether this was just a one out of million cases, here is another "proof of UI concept".


Azure Service Bus is continuing to make improvement. When we look back at these pictures after a year or two, I am sure we will be really thrilled about the progress.

Let's enjoy every moment (good or not good) now, when we explore its adventurous features.




Comments (2)

  1. Chandrashekar says:

    Hi Ron,

    Any reason why the increasing usage size in "negative" direction ?

    Shouldn't it always be >= 0

  2. Influnza says:

    Passed half a year -> problem still there (negative size)

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