System Center 2007 Management Pack for TFS 2008

(For context: System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) allows provides monitoring, troubleshooting, audit collection, and reporting for any server workload or application, including the base operating system, system hardware, and other management agents)   Enter the new TFS 2008 Management Pack for System Center Operations Management 2007 to help you, yes, manage and monitor exposed services…


Martin Woodward wins PDC ShowOff Competition

Check this video out from Northern Ireland MVP Martin Woodward which scooped top prize in PDC’s ShowOff Competition: In this video, Martin introduces you to Brian the Build bunny, and explains how he is connected to Team Foundation Server to notify you of developer check-ins and changes in the condition of your builds.  Great…


Experiences in Upgrading from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008 beta 2

So I use VPCs quite a lot and today I decided that I would test drive the upgrade experience from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008 beta 2. I have VPC that’s fully tooled-up for VSTS 2005 with some existing team projects, code in source control and what have you. Here’s what I found and hopefully you…


Visual Studio Team System Case Studies

Just a link post really, but there are lots of VSTS case studies available at That link will return you the full list, but you can try Microsoft Case Studies to filter based on Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and your Industry, Organisation Size, Country or Date to find something more appropriate to your circumstances.


Hosted TFS

A company called Readify have come up with a hosted solution for Team Foundation Server (is this Sourcecode-as-a-Service? Sorry, lame joke). I think this was a logical space for someone to move into given Team Foundation Server’s abilities, web service interfaces etc. and one thing I really like about this idea is the ability to trial…


Final TFS 2008 Feature List

Brian Harry has posted what he believes to be the final feature list for TFS 2008. A few interesting ones: Support for Windows Server 2008 Support for SQL Server 2008 Support for HTTPS communication to the TFS server Simpler installation 🙂 –    Incidentally, some of stuff on the list didn’t make beta 2 but will be in RTM.


"Team Development with Team Foundation Server" Guide Released

  Previously I highlighted the beta 1 of this guide, well now the final version has been released and is available for download at In addition to the Parts I-VIII in the beta it also includes a section on Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server, highlighting the upcoming changes in the next version. I’ve dipped in from time to time…


VSTS Webcast Series

Check out Adam Gallant’s weblog for a list of upcoming Team System webcasts starting on August 7th…It’s a pretty comprehensive list, some really interesting topics which I’ll definitely be checking out. Here’s a summary, check out Adam’s post for more details…  August 7, 07 2pm EST Topic: Improving Code Quality with VSTS Testing Capabilities for Developers Sept…


5 Features I’m glad to see in Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server

Apart from CI support which I wrote about in a  previous post there’s a whole bunch of new features in TFS which are noteworthy, such as SQL named-instance support (so multiple TFS instances can share a SQL server), simplified installation, support for things like log shipping and more. But here are 5 I’m glad to see, in…