Action required: VS 2008 VPCs will expire on Nov 1st 2007

VS 2008 VPCs will expire (prematurely) on Nov 1st 2007. This is much earlier than expected/intended. So, if you’re currently using a VS 2008 VPC and have information stored in TFS that you need to keep then you need to take action ASAP to back up your TFS databases so you can move them to updated VPCs….


TFS Best Practices Analyzer

Brian Harry announced the release of the Sept 2007 TFS Power Tools which contains the TFS Best Practices Analyzer, a tool to help you diagnose problems with your system and to highlight what hasn’t been configured correctly.  Here’s a summary of what it does; Gathers configuration information from a Team Foundation Server deployment Performs specific tests…


Microsoft Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance

Want to know how Microsoft handles branching and merging? Then take a look at this great guide for doing branching and merging with TFS available on Codeplex. In particular, read the Feature Crews: How Microsoft Does It section which discusses the feature crew model which originated in the Office team and is now used in Dev Div….


Visual Studio Team System Case Studies

Just a link post really, but there are lots of VSTS case studies available at That link will return you the full list, but you can try Microsoft Case Studies to filter based on Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and your Industry, Organisation Size, Country or Date to find something more appropriate to your circumstances.


Final TFS 2008 Feature List

Brian Harry has posted what he believes to be the final feature list for TFS 2008. A few interesting ones: Support for Windows Server 2008 Support for SQL Server 2008 Support for HTTPS communication to the TFS server Simpler installation 🙂 –    Incidentally, some of stuff on the list didn’t make beta 2 but will be in RTM.


5 Features I’m glad to see in Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server

Apart from CI support which I wrote about in a  previous post there’s a whole bunch of new features in TFS which are noteworthy, such as SQL named-instance support (so multiple TFS instances can share a SQL server), simplified installation, support for things like log shipping and more. But here are 5 I’m glad to see, in…


TFS Migration / Integration / Extensibility

In my experience, people tend to like TFS when they see it and a typical next question is “How can I start using it with my existing systems?” Unless you’re starting from scratch, what this typically boils down to is a question of once-off migration vs. integration. Migrating from Visual SourceSafe is an example of the former,…


Continuous Integration with Visual Studio 2008 (“Orcas”) Team Foundation Server

I first started using Continuous Integration (CI) in 2002 when my then company started eXtreme Programming – I found it great and subsequently introduced it at every opportunity using combinations of CruiseControl / scheduled tasks and so on. When I started using Team Foundation Server I was a little surprised(!) that CI wasn’t included in…


Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Guide – Beta 1

  My first post on this blog! Hope that cross posting to works 🙂 Take a look at the Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Guide which is now available for download. If you’re already using or just looking at TFS, then this guide will show you how you can get the most out of Visual…