Windows 7 ISV Remediation (App Compat) Workshops, Dublin, June 15th-19th 2009

June 15th-19th 2009

New Horizons, Strand House 22-24 Strand Street Great Dublin

This is a set of half day and full day workshops where participants will have the opportunity to test their application for compatibility with the most recent publicly available version of Windows 7. You will also receive valuable guidance on how to address compatibility issues discovered during testing. This is a great opportunity to test your applications on Windows 7, but there is limited availability so be sure to get on board early to get your preferred time slot.

Who should participate in a Windows 7 Remediation Workshop?

Software vendors may send 1-2 individuals to participate in the half day workshop (for Vista compatible apps) or full day workshop (for XP compatible apps). These individuals should be intimately familiar with the design of the application being tested and should be prepared to work with the workshop staff to execute the technical aspects of the testing process.

Software developers, database administrators and testers are all good candidates to represent your company at the workshop.

Please note:

· You will need to bring your application(s) to be loaded on our secure Windows test platform in a private developer lab environment for testing and debugging application issues.

· Prior to participating in the workshop, it would be advisable to go through the Windows 7 Application Compatibility Cookbook

A dedicated consultant will be on hand to support participants in investigating application compatibility, and give architectural guidance.

Please contact me directly for more details and to reserve a slot.

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