Eclipse Tools for Silverlight

Check out this open source project “Eclipse Tools for Silverlight” which allows you to use Eclipse to create Silverlight applications. Basically it’s an Eclipse plug-in, with a XAML editor (with code hints and completion), a SL project system and SL compiler, and in a nice touch the SL projects created by Eclipse will be fully…


Windows 7 app compatibility testing for ISVs at PDC

PDC 2008 is coming up in just a few weeks and you don’t want to miss it because that will be the first place to see the full range of advances in Windows 7, the next major version of the Windows client operating system.  If you’re going to attend PDC be sure to check out…


Ireland / Northern Ireland: WPF training course for partners (8th-10th Dec 2008)

Just a quick FYI for Microsoft partners in Ireland / Northern Ireland who are interested in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), we’re running a course for partners, delivered by one of our training providers, from 8th-10th December in Dublin. It’s a three day, instructor-led course aiming to provide students with the knowledge and skills to build…


ISV SaaS Readiness Program

I came across  The ISV SaaS Readiness Self Assessment tool earlier today, which is designed exclusively for ISVs who are planning, building, testing and/or launching a software + services solution on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. It will help you to continuously measure your SaaS business, technical, hosting, and operational readiness. Share this post :


ISV On-Demand Training

I spent a lot of time working in ISVs before joining Microsoft and getting a budget for training can be a challenge (as can time out of the office when deadlines are looming :-)). This is where on-demand training can be a great asset – have you seen the training course directory on our ISV…