TFS Best Practices Analyzer

Brian Harry announced the release of the Sept 2007 TFS Power Tools which contains the TFS Best Practices Analyzer, a tool to help you diagnose problems with your system and to highlight what hasn't been configured correctly.

 Here's a summary of what it does;

  • Gathers configuration information from a Team Foundation Server deployment
  • Performs specific tests on the Team Foundation Server deployment
  • Analyzes the collected information according to specific rules and reports the findings as information, warning, or error messages
  • Provides links to articles to resolve warning and error messages

You can use the Team Foundation Server BPA in either a pre-installation or a production Team Foundation Server environment. You can use the Team Foundation Server BPA to perform the following tasks:

  • Proactively verify that the Team Foundation Server configuration is set according to recommended best practices
  • Determine configurations that differ from default, recommended, or required settings
  • Identify the source of problems in an unhealthy Team Foundation Server deployment

These TFS power tools are for 2005, but there will be 2008 versions in the coming months.

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