Action required: VS 2008 VPCs will expire on Nov 1st 2007

VS 2008 VPCs will expire (prematurely) on Nov 1st 2007. This is much earlier than expected/intended. So, if you’re currently using a VS 2008 VPC and have information stored in TFS that you need to keep then you need to take action ASAP to back up your TFS databases so you can move them to updated VPCs….


Hands-on LINQ learning material now available

The good follks at InnerWorkings ( have just released 3 hours of hands-on LINQ learning material. Find out more at  


MSDN Mag Nov 2007 – focus on Security

Given our recent security event where I talked about the Security Development Lifecycle I thought it worth pointing out that this month’s issue of the MSDN magazine is focused on security. Of particular relevance if you were at my talk and are looking for more info would be Lessons Learned from Five Years of Building More…


Unified Communications

Not normally in my repertoire but I did a Unified Communications demo last week at a conference, and since today’s the day that UC is being launched I thought it a good time to blog about it. In case you’re not familiar with Unified Communications, it’s the banner name for the software from Microsoft which…


When to choose…WPF? Winforms? Silverlight? XBAPs?

Are you clear on when to use say WPF instead of Winforms? Or, just as importantly, when to use Winforms (e.g. for a more traditional LOB application)? Or that you can easily use both together? How does Silverlight compare to XBAPs? David Chappell has written a white paper which describes the positioning of WPF vis…


Want to see the .NET Framework source code? It’s being released!

Microsoft today announced that coinciding with the final release of Visual Studio 2008 we will release much of the source code to the .NET Framework Libraries under the Microsoft Reference License ( This means that anyone who accepts the license will be able to browse and view source code.  The set of libraries initially includes …


TFS Best Practices Analyzer

Brian Harry announced the release of the Sept 2007 TFS Power Tools which contains the TFS Best Practices Analyzer, a tool to help you diagnose problems with your system and to highlight what hasn’t been configured correctly.  Here’s a summary of what it does; Gathers configuration information from a Team Foundation Server deployment Performs specific tests…