Antivirus for SharePoint 2013

This post is meant to be a follow up to my previous post regarding SharePoint Antivirus solutions. I’ve seen a number of questions lately asking about AV scanners that plug into SharePoint 2013, sometimes running on Windows Server 2012. As of today, the only product that has an RTM version of an antivirus solution for…


Check your Windows power plan settings on your SharePoint machines

For a server workload on Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 your power plan should be set to High Performance. The default is balanced. This change is recommend for high CPU usage scenarios to ensure equal usage across all cores.


Aero Glass for Server 2008 R2 From Windows 7 Clients

In my lab, I utilize numerous computers from my desk. This means, one set of monitors, one keyboard and one mouse. Having as many machines, as I do, both physical and virtual, pretty much requires me to use RDC to connect to all of my servers. I recently upgraded the machine my input devices are…