Adventures with SharePoint People Picker, Domain Migrations and Groups

I recently worked a customer issue, where the customer was going through a domain migration. The customer is running SharePoint 2010. (This works for both 2007 and 2013 as well) There are two forests, with users in both. Users from one of the domains were being moved to the domain in the other forest. As…


Can I upgrade from SharePoint 2007 directly to SharePoint 2013?

A lot of customers want to know if you can upgrade from SharePoint Server 2007/WSS 3.0 to SharePoint 2013. The answer to that question is not directly. You’ll have to upgrade your content and service applications(if required) through the process to get to 2010 and then to 2013. If you don’t want to do the…


Delete Sites with PowerShell

A customer recently needed some help deleting a bunch of sites of old sites in an environment that was no longer in use. They used STSADM enumsites to take an inventory of what was in the farm/web application. They used the greater than(>) symbol in the command line to send the output to a file. Enumsites happens…


Troubleshooting Large List Performance – SharePoint 2007

If you think you might be having issues with large lists in SharePoint 2007, there’s a good way to see if your WFEs are executing long running queries. Fire open ULS viewer, and filter on EventID 8sli. It will show you all list related queries that are taking more than 2 seconds. In each entry,…


Look at all of the pretty sites….

I’m sure any SharePoint administrator who supports a reasonably sized farm struggles with the idea of how to contain the massive amount of site collections in their farm. As adoption grows, the number of site collections and the amount of data keeps growing and growing. Managing all of this data turns into a real challenge. …


AV Scanner Exclusions KB Updated

I just wanted to point out that the KB that details file/folder exclusions for local AV scanners has been updated. One important addition is the exclusion of the Blobcache folder for SharePoint. Review the KB to make sure you’re still in compliance.


Mount-SPContentDatabase Errors on 2nd and subsequent attempts of same database

A colleague recently ran into an issue when trying to test upgrade some content via the content DB approach. On the second attempt of attaching the same content db (after detaching it, deleting it from SQL, and copying in a new copy) they saw the following errors. I did some browsing around the web and…


URL Redirection Options

I spent some time recently looking at URL redirection options. With the upcoming potential for 2010 upgrades/migrations, there’s always someone who needs to change a URL. :)  I wanted to put together a number of options for folks who need the ability to do this. Here are  couple of links to other blogs and tools…


Limiting the number of site collections in a content database

In my opinion, part of being a good SharePoint admin is to pay attention to the size of your content databases and try to keep them to a specified maximum size. (Usually for DR reasons) In order to do this, you should limit the number of site collections per content database. Naturally, site collection sizes…


Object Model exports bad audit log XML

I’ve recently been doing some work analyzing audit logs for a customer. Exporting the audit logs via the Site Collection’s Administration pages reports fails due to the amount of data I’m pulling back, so I’ve turned to the Object Model to get the data out. There’s a small issue here, because the data that gets…