SharePoint 2013 – Fuzzy and Phonetic people search don’t appear to be working

I’m currently working with a customer where People search isn’t returning results like they want. Their primary piece of feedback is that if they misspell a name, it’s very unlikely that they’ll get a match. They liked the experience in SharePoint 2010, but 2013 is making them less than happy. We did some digging and…


PAL Thresholds for MOSS Crawling Performance

Over the last couple of months I’ve been helping my customer work through MOSS Crawling Performance issues. The sad part of this task is, there isn’t an easy way to do it, because there are so many moving parts and variables. A couple of months ago, some good blog posts were put up on the…


PSConfig/Content Database Attach Error – "Unknown server error number: d"

I recently ran into an issue when applying the MOSS August CU. This issue is not necessarily isolated to this patch. When the patch ran, the B2B upgrade process was failing in the site collection action upgrade sequence. The specific step was 12.1.6301.0, which adds the new Search Federation webparts to a site’s webpart gallery….


Adobe Releases 64 bit PDF iFilter

Adobe has FINALLY released a 64 bit PDF iFilter. For everyone out there running 64 bit MOSS, without a proper 64 bit PDF iFilter, please go get this for yourself. I haven’t seen any performance data, but it should increase your indexing performance of PDFs. Details are here.  Instructions for installing on MOSS can be…


Setting up cross farm searches via Federated Search

In recent months I’ve seen significant issues with search crawl times at numerous customers who have deployed MOSS globally. The issues often are caused by the need to crawl other farms across the world, so “global” results will show up on one search page. Crawling the world from one location is a very bad idea…


Advanced Search "Contains" Option

In some of the more recent builds of MOSS, the “contains” and “does not contain” options for advanced searches have been removed. This was done because of query performance concerns expressed by a significant number of customers. If you are not worried about the query perfomance hit, you can make this option available to users with a…


SharePoint PDF iFilters

I often work with customers who are running the 64 bit version of MOSS, and they always want to know what the story with PDF support is. Yes, you can hack the Adobe 32 bit iFilter to work on your 64 bit farm, but it’s probably not a good idea, as it’s not completely supported. For…


SharePoint 2003/2007 Index Files

SharePoint uses the file system to store data files created by the indexing process. Over time, the index files grow due the indexing process. I recently ran across a case, where a disk filled up due to the continuous growth of the SharePoint index files. Needless to say, SharePoint’s Search feature was not happy when the disk…