Deploying DLLs– Debug vs Release

When you’re deploying DLLs into your production SharePoint environment, it’s important to deploy DLLs built in Release mode. When you do this, you ensure the code is optimized, and are reducing the risk for performance issues. There’s a nice tool on CodePlex that will help you inspect DLLs to ensure they’re built in release mode…


Log Parser Studio

I occasionally use Log Parser 2.2 to do some work with IIS logs. I recently stumbled across a tool to use in conjunction with Log Parser. It’s called Log Parser Studio. The Exchange team blog has a nice overview of what the tool can do. It’s a nice tool to have in your toolbox for…


Troubleshooting Large List Performance – SharePoint 2007

If you think you might be having issues with large lists in SharePoint 2007, there’s a good way to see if your WFEs are executing long running queries. Fire open ULS viewer, and filter on EventID 8sli. It will show you all list related queries that are taking more than 2 seconds. In each entry,…


Missing Perfmon Counters for SharePoint 2010

Recently I’ve had a few folks ask me how to fix missing Perfmon counters for SharePoint 2010. For various reasons, you might be missing some or all of your SharePoint related counters. The process is pretty easy. You need to use RegSvr32.exe to register the DLLs that contain the counters. The KB below explains the…


Check your Windows power plan settings on your SharePoint machines

For a server workload on Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 your power plan should be set to High Performance. The default is balanced. This change is recommend for high CPU usage scenarios to ensure equal usage across all cores.


PAL Thresholds for MOSS Crawling Performance

Over the last couple of months I’ve been helping my customer work through MOSS Crawling Performance issues. The sad part of this task is, there isn’t an easy way to do it, because there are so many moving parts and variables. A couple of months ago, some good blog posts were put up on the…