SharePoint 2016 – Slipstreaming PUs and/or Feature Pack 1

I finally got around to building an RTM SP2016 farm on Windows Server 2016 with SQL 2016. Since Feature Pack 1 has just been released, I wanted to save some install time, and slipstream it into my install bits. I hadn’t done this yet, and wanted to look into the process for 2016. It turns…


SharePoint 2013, SP1 and Slipstreaming

Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013 has been released. This includes all previous bug fixes released in the CUs. It also enables the ability for folks to use Windows Server 2012 R2. In a previous post, I explained how to slipstream a service pack into a SharePoint build. Although the process does work for SP1…


App Fabric Support Stance Change

We have made a change regarding the support stance for App Fabric for SharePoint 2013. The following (poorly worded) KB explains that you are now free to install AppFabric patches as they are released publicly. SharePoint CUs/SPs will not contain fixes for App Fabric. Hopefully this helps to resolve some frustration with the stability/finicky-ness of…


SharePoint 2010, Service Pack 2 and the Cumulative Updates

Each time when a service pack comes out for SharePoint, there’s always a bit of confusion around how the Service Pack affects cumulative updates. Let me explain the state of SP2 with the June and August CUs. Although the June CU and SP2 came out at the same time, the June CU has a lower…


User profiles, database sizes and DaysWorthOfActivityFeedsToKeep

You may have noticed a large spike in your User Profile Service Database size, or just wondered why it’s so large. After doing some investigation, you realize that the ActivityEventsConsolidated and ActivityEventsPublished table are fairly large and consuming the most space. You’d like to know how to shrink these. Fortunately, there’s now a way. Let’s…


Slipstream SharePoint 2010 SP1 and Language Packs SP1 into RTM Builds

With the release of SharePoint 2010 SP1, it’s a good idea to include SP1 into your new builds. By slipstreaming the patches in your installation folder, this process gets much easier. This process is very similar to how things worked with WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. I’m going to use the file names for SP2010…


PSConfig/Content Database Attach Error – "Unknown server error number: d"

I recently ran into an issue when applying the MOSS August CU. This issue is not necessarily isolated to this patch. When the patch ran, the B2B upgrade process was failing in the site collection action upgrade sequence. The specific step was 12.1.6301.0, which adds the new Search Federation webparts to a site’s webpart gallery….


SharePoint Patching Story Improves! (a little bit)

If you haven’t had the pleasure of patching WSS 3.0 or MOSS2007, you’re missing a real fun experience. If you are one of the folks who’ve had to go through the pain, there’s some good news for you. If you’re particularly adept at reading KB articles, you might have noticed this little tidbit in 953749….