SharePoint and Chrome Provider Host Application (PHA) Cipher Issue (and Firefox)

A customer recently ran into an issue where their SharePoint 2016 ASP.NET provider hosted applications, running on Windows Server 2016, and IIS 10 started throwing crypto errors. In Chrome, we saw “The webpage at https://app-[GUID] might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new address. ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY”. After some research, reading on…


SharePoint Framework Extensions Coming On-Premises in Feature Pack 2

I was watching the SharePoint Virtual Summit this afternoon, and ran across some information that I didn’t see shared broadly in the last week. At Ignite, we announced that the SharePoint Framework Extensions will be coming on-premises to SharePoint Server 2016 in feature pack 2. Our ETA for this is Fall 2017.


Reimagine SharePoint Development Event

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new way to develop and integrate apps in SharePoint 2013. There’s an event on May 20, 2013 that will go through this topic in depth. Feel free to sign up at the link below.


Deploying DLLs– Debug vs Release

When you’re deploying DLLs into your production SharePoint environment, it’s important to deploy DLLs built in Release mode. When you do this, you ensure the code is optimized, and are reducing the risk for performance issues. There’s a nice tool on CodePlex that will help you inspect DLLs to ensure they’re built in release mode…


Look at all of the pretty sites….

I’m sure any SharePoint administrator who supports a reasonably sized farm struggles with the idea of how to contain the massive amount of site collections in their farm. As adoption grows, the number of site collections and the amount of data keeps growing and growing. Managing all of this data turns into a real challenge. …


DocumentSets – DocumentSet.Create() and the properties hashtable

I’ve been working on a small utility to do some mass document set creation for a couple of custom content types I created that inherit from the DocumentSet content type. This is a pretty easy thing to do. You just need to call the DocumentSet.Create() method, pass in the folder to create in, document set…


SP2010 Developer Training Course on Channel 9

Make sure you take some time to check out the SP 2010 developer training course on Channel 9. There’s a lot of great videos there as well as hands on labs.


Using Team Foundation Server (TFS) for SharePoint Development

Here’s a good read for all of you developers out there. We’ve finally published some guidance on how to use Team Foundation Server for your SharePoint development projects. This post is LONG overdue in my opinion, but we finally have it. The following guidance should follow as well in the next few weeks. Assembly and…


Comparing Dates in a custom SharePoint "Tasks" List

I had a customer question recently that required a bit of thought. They were building what essentially amounted to a glorified tasks list. They had set up numerous fields to collect details, but the two of concern are Due Date and Completion Date. By using these two dates, they wanted to be able to report…


New SharePoint Developer Site

A couple of weeks ago we released a new website for SharePoint that caters to devleopers. If you’re a developing on SharePoint, or thinking about it, check this site out.