SharePoint 2013/2016 and SQL Server 2016 Supportability with SSRS fun facts!

UPDATE: Corrections/clarifications were made on 7/12/2016. Thanks for the comments! 🙂 It’s come up in the last few days where people want to know if SharePoint 2013 will support SQL Server 2016. (support as in store all SP’s DB in…) The answer to this question is no, SharePoint 2013 will never be supported on SQL 2016. (with the…


Web Analytics NDF database files

SharePoint Server 2010 introduced Web Analytics. As part of the reporting component for Web Analytics, we create two databases, a reporting and staging database. The Web Analytics service is responsible for pushing data into these databases. The data is stored in the reporting database in a format that might look a little puzzling to some…


User profiles, database sizes and DaysWorthOfActivityFeedsToKeep

You may have noticed a large spike in your User Profile Service Database size, or just wondered why it’s so large. After doing some investigation, you realize that the ActivityEventsConsolidated and ActivityEventsPublished table are fairly large and consuming the most space. You’d like to know how to shrink these. Fortunately, there’s now a way. Let’s…


Troubleshooting Large List Performance – SharePoint 2007

If you think you might be having issues with large lists in SharePoint 2007, there’s a good way to see if your WFEs are executing long running queries. Fire open ULS viewer, and filter on EventID 8sli. It will show you all list related queries that are taking more than 2 seconds. In each entry,…


Look at all of the pretty sites….

I’m sure any SharePoint administrator who supports a reasonably sized farm struggles with the idea of how to contain the massive amount of site collections in their farm. As adoption grows, the number of site collections and the amount of data keeps growing and growing. Managing all of this data turns into a real challenge. …


Log Shipping Content Databases in SP2010 and refreshing the listing of site collections

There seems to be a little bit of confusion about what happens to your sites tables/listing of sites when you’re log shipping content databases in SharePoint 2010. Let’s imagine this scenario. Let’s say you create a site collection in your production/live farm. The site provisioning process creates an entry in the sites table in your…


Mount-SPContentDatabase Errors on 2nd and subsequent attempts of same database

A colleague recently ran into an issue when trying to test upgrade some content via the content DB approach. On the second attempt of attaching the same content db (after detaching it, deleting it from SQL, and copying in a new copy) they saw the following errors. I did some browsing around the web and…


Limiting the number of site collections in a content database

In my opinion, part of being a good SharePoint admin is to pay attention to the size of your content databases and try to keep them to a specified maximum size. (Usually for DR reasons) In order to do this, you should limit the number of site collections per content database. Naturally, site collection sizes…


SQL Maintenance for SharePoint Databases

If you don’t already know, you can’t treat SharePoint databases like any other database in regards to SQL Server. Here’s a listing of articles that talk to what you can do. Before doing any maintenance, PLEASE read these articles. Index fragmentation is a big hotspot for alot of SQL DBAs. Database maintenance for Office SharePoint Server…


MOSS and SQL 2008

If you didn’t catch the news, SQL Server 2008 RTM’ed a couple weeks ago. The SharePoint team has quickly announced full supportability for MOSS 2007 on SQL 2008. The SharePoint Team Blog has a full write up with some specifics.