Workflow Manager and AlwaysOn Disaster Recovery Supportability - Part 2

A few months back, I posted some information regarding support for Workflow Manager and SQL AlwaysOn, that originated from a customer question. I have an update for that post. We just released Workflow Manager CU 4, which adds support for SQL Server AlwaysOn for workflow manager, support for SQL Server 2016 and some bug fixes….


Workflow Manager and AlwaysOn Disaster Recovery Supportability

A customer recently had a need to build workflow manager in a failover manner with SQL Always On. Russ Maxwell has a post on configuring thisfrom ages ago. After doing a bit of research, it appears that we currently DO NOT support Workflow Manager with SQL AlwaysOn. Stay tuned to this blog post for any updates. UPDATE:


SharePoint 2013 Workflow-Collect Data from a user and other actions missing

I got tapped to help with an internal project to upgrade a couple of custom site templates from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. No big deal right? I’ll just create a new site in SP2010 off of the original template, content DB attach it to 2013, and then export the template again. Well, it looks…