Creating a SharePoint Online modern team site without an Office 365 Group

In SharePoint Online, modern team sites are created with an associated Office 365 group, by default. Someone recently asked me if there was a way to create a modern team site without the Office 365 group. The way to do it is via creating the site via the APIs or PowerShell, and choosing the STS#3 template. If you're going to use SharePoint PnP PowerShell, you'll need to leverage the New-PnPTenantSite command to create the site. (This commandlet is for legacy site types) If you want to create a modern team site with the O365 group, or communications sites (no O365 group), you'll need to use the New-PnPSite commandlet.

Comments (3)

  1. LisaJo48 says:

    Sounds like this is a way to access the classic team site template or communication site template from PowerShell. It doesn’t read, to me, like it’s a way to use the modern team site template (not communication site template) and bypass the creation of the GROUP. Also, I don’t want to back us into a corner where, in the future, the site can’t be groupified or teamified. Can you elaborate please.

    1. Ron Grzywacz says:

      LisaJo48, STS#3 is not a classic site template. It’s the template for a modern team site without a group. I know it gets created with the classic site mechanism, which is a little confusing. Hence the reason for the post. You can later groupify sites. As of 9/19/18, doing some via PowerShell (only way I believe) will replace all the existing permissions in a site. Since we have a soft limit of 1000 group memberships, some companies don’t want every site created with a group, due to the large volume of sites people may need to be a member of. This is how to work around that scenario.

  2. Hi Ron – thanks for the information. Really helpful. Do you happen to know how to implement this in a site design as in the web template number. If Comm Site is 68 for the web template and modern team site with a group is 64 is there a web template for this? Or is it more complicated as the web template is the same for both with or without the group? I was really hoping to get a site design done for this as people really don’t like firing up PS to do this. I could have sworn I saw MS putting this option in the admin preview but then it disappeared.

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