Workflow Manager and AlwaysOn Disaster Recovery Supportability – Part 2

A few months back, I posted some information regarding support for Workflow Manager and SQL AlwaysOn, that originated from a customer question. I have an update for that post. We just released Workflow Manager CU 4, which adds support for SQL Server AlwaysOn for workflow manager, support for SQL Server 2016 and some bug fixes. Hooray many of you are saying. NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!  While this is good news, it's only partially good news. If you remember my original post, there's a link to a blog post from Russ Maxwell, which connects a single Workflow Manager farm to two different SharePoint farms. He leverages SQL AlwaysOn to do this. That specific configuration is still NOT SUPPORTED.

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  1. Rich says:

    Ron, and links or blogs that detail how to configure WFM with AOAGs correctly and how to test? Got a customer that would like to take advantage of this after updating to CU 4. Thanks

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