SharePoint, Office Online Server and Cross farm services support

I recently was asked a few questions I couldn't find answers to. I'm sharing answers here to help people avoid the process I needed to go through to find the answers.

  1. Can I use Office Online Server 2016 with SharePoint 2010?
    1. This article gets close to answering the question, but doesn't include SharePoint 2010. Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot connect OOS and SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010 does not support WOPI.
  2. Can I consume SharePoint 2013 service applications from SharePoint 2016?
    1. Again, the answer is no. When consuming services we support consuming from N-1. Examples...
      1. SharePoint 2016 services CAN be consumed by SharePoint 2013 (N-1)
      2. SharePoint 2013 services CAN be consumed by SharePoint 2010 (N-1)
      3. SharePoint 2016 services CAN NOT be consumed by SharePoint 2010 (N-2)
      4. SharePoint 2013 services CAN NOT be consumed by SharePoint 2016 (N+1)
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