Xbox One Wireless Controller Range Issue

Since release, my Xbox One wireless controllers (I have 2) have been having range issues. At about 7 feet, they started disconnecting intermittently. I tried a whole bunch of location configurations regarding the system and controllers, with no luck. I finally got some time to call Xbox Support today, and they provided me with a suggested fix that worked. We did a full power drain. To do this, I held down the power button for 10 seconds. This initiates a full shutdown. Then I pulled the power plug. Then I held down the power button again for 30 seconds. After doing this, I booted the system, and the problem went away. Hooray! I really didn't want to have to send the system in for a repair.


UPDATE: It turns out the issue came back. I did wind up having to do a warranty exchange. 🙁 The advanced ship option was a great experience.

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