Missing apps in the Windows 8 App Store on a Surface Pro

One of my family members recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro. During the initial setup, he noticed that most of the apps he wanted in the app store were missing. He couldn't find them via search, and there were only a dozen apps in the "Top Free" section, instead of the normal 100 that are shown by default. After way too much digging, we realized what setting was causing this issue. In the store, if you open the settings charm, there's an option for preferences. In this area, there are options for accessibility and languages. He had both of these values set to "Yes". When we moved the accessibility setting to "No", all the apps he was looking for showed up. I've also seen various posts around the web regarding issues like this with the language option, especially for non-English speakers.


Comments (2)

  1. McAkins says:

    Well, if you had happened on this page, you would have saved yourself a lot of headaches:


    Nice catch though 🙂

  2. Ron Grzywacz says:

    This wasn't an issue with the localization setting, but rather the accessibility setting. It's really the same issue, just on the other option. 🙂

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