Antivirus for SharePoint 2013

This post is meant to be a follow up to my previous post regarding SharePoint Antivirus solutions. I've seen a number of questions lately asking about AV scanners that plug into SharePoint 2013, sometimes running on Windows Server 2012. As of today, the only product that has an RTM version of an antivirus solution for SharePoint 2013 is Trend Micro. Their Portal Protect for SharePoint product is available in RTM form, according to their website. (This is a not an endorsement of that product) Spence Harbar has a nice post regarding AV for SP2013 as well, but it's a bit dated. I'll try to keep this one up to date, as I remember to follow up. Feel free to post an update in the comments area.

Comments (5)

  1. Michal says:

    Hi Ron, I would like to add, that now also product from ESET is in GA:…/eset-launches-eset-security-for-microsoft-sharepoint-server-2013

  2. Ron and Michal says:

    What is the best one out there right now for Sharepoint 2013? I am looking at Symantec, Trend Micro and Eset? What are you hearing out there? Which one is leader and less overhead? And agentless?

  3. Lou says:

    hi, I would also likle information on what's the best product out there for Sharepoint 2013 Enterprise… looking at a few solutions myself and can't decide on a solution! Trend vs Symantec,.

  4. Ron Grzywacz says:

    As a general rule, we (PFE/MS) don't ever endorse 3rd party products. Try them all and decide for yourself, based on your requirements.  🙂

  5. anti virus software says:

    Hii Ron,, I very much like your post on SharePoint Antivirus solutions. I have read your earlier article also on this… Both are helping… I want to share one more protection tool here against viruses which I am using nowadays and really good that is Optimo Defender Security Suite..

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