Upgrade your Surface RT / Windows RT Device 8.1 Preview to 8.1 RTM

I’ve been running the 8.1 Preview on my Windows RT device since it was available. It was a nice improvement. Yesterday the RTM version of 8.1 was available, and I wanted to get it on my Surface RT running Windows RT. I checked Windows Update and it wasn’t an option. I checked the Store, and…


SharePoint 2010, Service Pack 2 and the Cumulative Updates

Each time when a service pack comes out for SharePoint, there’s always a bit of confusion around how the Service Pack affects cumulative updates. Let me explain the state of SP2 with the June and August CUs. Although the June CU and SP2 came out at the same time, the June CU has a lower…


Updated FREE Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Developer Training

A quick note about some training materials. It looks like we’ve updated our Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Developer training to coincide with the RTM version of SharePoint 2013. Check it out at the link below. Kirk Evans, one of my PFE colleagues, was one of the main contributors to this effort. Kirk always does…


DiscoverSharePoint.com Launches

I tend to get a lot of questions from folks who are new to SharePoint, asking me what SharePoint is, and what it does. This is a hard question to answer, because it can do so much.  If you’re looking for an answer to this question, there’s good news. We recently launched a site that…


Slipstream Service Pack 2 into SharePoint 2010 RTM installation

If you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll remember that way back in 2011 I wrote a blog post that shows folks how to slip stream service pack 1 of SharePoint 2010 into the RTM media. Those instructions work for a service pack or cumulative update. With the release of Service Pack 2 for SharePoint…


Free Microsoft Press eBooks/Training Material

We recently just released a bunch of new/recent eBooks that cover the following products: Office, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, System Center, Visual Studio, Web Development, Windows, Windows Azure, Windows Server. Check out Eric’s blog post for all the details. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mssmallbiz/archive/2013/06/18/huge-collection-of-free-microsoft-ebooks-for-you-including-office-office-365-sharepoint-sql-server-system-center-visual-studio-web-development-windows-windows-azure-and-windows-server.aspx


Missing apps in the Windows 8 App Store on a Surface Pro

One of my family members recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro. During the initial setup, he noticed that most of the apps he wanted in the app store were missing. He couldn’t find them via search, and there were only a dozen apps in the “Top Free” section, instead of the normal 100 that are…


Antivirus for SharePoint 2013

This post is meant to be a follow up to my previous post regarding SharePoint Antivirus solutions. I’ve seen a number of questions lately asking about AV scanners that plug into SharePoint 2013, sometimes running on Windows Server 2012. As of today, the only product that has an RTM version of an antivirus solution for…


Reimagine SharePoint Development Event

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new way to develop and integrate apps in SharePoint 2013. There’s an event on May 20, 2013 that will go through this topic in depth. Feel free to sign up at the link below. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/office/apps/dn133840


Adventures with SharePoint People Picker, Domain Migrations and Groups

I recently worked a customer issue, where the customer was going through a domain migration. The customer is running SharePoint 2010. (This works for both 2007 and 2013 as well) There are two forests, with users in both. Users from one of the domains were being moved to the domain in the other forest. As…