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So you're saying to yourself, "Sweet, SP2013 has released! Now how the heck do I learn what's in such a massive product?". Fortunately Microsoft has your covered. For each of our products we have a program called Ignite. Ignite's purpose is to get as much learning material in front of customers and partners as fast as possible. The content is delivered virtually and in the classroom, in limited locations. The materials consist of PowerPoint decks and video presentations.  We typically release a 2 Ignite tracks for SharePoint. Those are "IT Pro" and "Developer". Now you're saying, "Ron, this is great news, but give me the links already!". So here they are.

IT Pro
SP2013 IT Pro Home -
Ignite Content -

SP2013 Developer Home -
Ignite Content -

Comments (4)

  1. Andy Ginn says:

    Hi Ron,

    Would you have any information on when Microsoft is going to be running classroom-based partner Ignite training for SharePoint 2013, in Europe, the USA, or Canada?  I can't find any information anywhere on this!



  2. Beatrice Hensons says:

    Great find here! I'm new to using Sharepoint and the links you shared are really useful. Been googling about tutorials about how these work, well I guess I found my gem right here. Anyway, I've read about an upcoming Sharepoint conference in D.C. this coming Aug5-7. This sounds pretty interesting to me as I also would want to hear from and meet the guys of Sharepoint for myself.

    Again, thank you so so much for the links you shared!

  3. John Calvert says:

    The developer Ignite Content URL has changed but the above link redirect is to a generic page not the correct page. The correct URL is…/dn848374.aspx (as of Jan 3/2015).

  4. sharepoint 2013 tutorial videos says:

    Thanks so much! Your instructions are very clear and helpful. I've been wondering how to do this for months and thrilled to find out how finally.

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