SharePoint Antivirus alternatives to Forefront

With the recent announcement that the Forefront product line is going away, a number of customers have asked me about other products that plug into SharePoint for AV. Here’ a quick list I put together. (I’ll periodically update the list) Microsoft’s Position on Antivirus Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server   BitDefender Security for SharePoint…


Load Testing Tools for SharePoint

If you haven’t heard, the Visual Studio Load Test team is in the process of releasing some custom tools for load testing SharePoint. While the basic web test works nicely, you’ll now get some more flexibility to interact with SharePoint components like lists, document libraries and the query service. You can find the latest bits…


SharePoint 2013 reaches RTM!

SharePoint 2013 has reached RTM. Check out the details here.


SharePoint 2013 Training Resources and Ignite

So you’re saying to yourself, “Sweet, SP2013 has released! Now how the heck do I learn what’s in such a massive product?”. Fortunately Microsoft has your covered. For each of our products we have a program called Ignite. Ignite’s purpose is to get as much learning material in front of customers and partners as fast…


Office 2013 has RTM’ed!

Office 2013 has hit the RTM milestone. I’ve read that MSDN and volume license customers should be able to get their hands on the product sometime between mid-November and early December. Retail availability looks like it will be in early 2013. I would expect that Windows Surface RT should ship with an RTM versioned product!…


Delete Sites with PowerShell

A customer recently needed some help deleting a bunch of sites of old sites in an environment that was no longer in use. They used STSADM enumsites to take an inventory of what was in the farm/web application. They used the greater than(>) symbol in the command line to send the output to a file. Enumsites happens…


Theme 2.0 in progress

If you haven’t noticed, I’m currently in the process of updating my blog theme to the new Windows 8 style. Over the last week or so, and the following week or two, you might see a few more changes. Please tolerate the hiccups, because I’m still a novice at developing on the Telligent 5.6 platform….


Microsoft changes it logo!

If you haven’t seen the news yet, Microsoft just changed it’s logo for the first time in 25 years. Check out the full story.


SharePoint Server 2013 and Office Next revealed – Get Started!

Yesterday’s big announcement by Steve Ballmer was in fact the announcement of SharePoint Server 2013, Office 2013 in various flavors and other related technologies. The customer preview builds are available immediately for download as well as some training. Find what you’re looking for via the links below. If you’re going to preview the new Office…


Big Webcast today–possible Office Wave 15 reveal

Steve Ballmer is hosting an event today at noon pacific time. Internet rumors say it’s going to be an Office Wave 15 announcement. Check it out to see if they’re true!