Restore Timer Job Definitions

I recently came across an issue, where a farm was missing two important timer job definitions. Those were the Application Server Timer Job and the Application Server Administration Service Timer Job. It’s not entirely clear what you can do to restore these. After some investigation, with the help of Joe Rodgers, we figured out that…


SharePoint 2010 Public beta available

For those of you who have been patiently waiting to get your hands on the 2010 public beta, the wait is over. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 – Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 – FAST Search Server 2010 Beta – Project Server 2010 Beta –


ULS Log Viewer Released!

We have finally released a good tool to review ULS logs. For a while, this tool was available only to MS Employees. Customer’s had to painstaking use something like Excel to be able to review ULS logs in a somewhat decent fashion. ULS Viewer includes a ton of great filtering options. It’s a must download…


ULS CMS Errors

The CMS features that were rolled into SharePoint have their fair share of issues. Working with one of my recent customers, we found a number of errors in the ULS logs in their farm. The follow errors fit into the two following categories. Although these messages seem scary, they’re just informational in nature. If the…


Aero Glass for Server 2008 R2 From Windows 7 Clients

In my lab, I utilize numerous computers from my desk. This means, one set of monitors, one keyboard and one mouse. Having as many machines, as I do, both physical and virtual, pretty much requires me to use RDC to connect to all of my servers. I recently upgraded the machine my input devices are…


PAL Thresholds for MOSS Crawling Performance

Over the last couple of months I’ve been helping my customer work through MOSS Crawling Performance issues. The sad part of this task is, there isn’t an easy way to do it, because there are so many moving parts and variables. A couple of months ago, some good blog posts were put up on the…


Excel Services SSO Configuration Issue

This post is about a case I worked on back in April, which was a real doozy, to say the least. My customer was trying to set up SSO for Excel Services. In short, they wanted to create a couple of shared data connections, that used one credential to access a data source. Different domain…


Installation How-To: SSRS2008 and MOSS2007 Integration

I know there are plenty of folks out there who have had to SUFFER to try and work through an installation/integration of MOSS2007 with SSRS2008. I recently ran across a blog posting with a FANTASTIC description of how the process works, in an environment that has 3 machines. Do yourself a favor and read this…


Configuring inter-farm shared Services

When configuring Inter-Farm Shared Services, as per the following article, there is a slight variation. If you’re running MOSS Standard, in the child farm, you won’t see the option to select an SSP for the local Excel Services, since the farm cannot provide Excel Services. If you eventually enable the Enterprise SKU, you will need…


Hardware assisted virtualization on vpc2007 sp1

I recently had my laptop refreshed. My oh so terrible personal space heater/noise maker Toshiba M5 was replaced with a lovely new Dell Latitude E6500. From time to time I need to run a VM on the laptop when I’m on the road. I installed VPC2007 SP1 and fired up a VM. (I’m running Vista…