Crawling Issue with .NET 3.5 SP1

A new issue has been discovered that interferes with crawling content in specific situations. If you’re indexer is set to crawl itself, via the Central Admin setting, or manual hosts modification, you might be running into this issue. You will see a combination of errors in your event logs, ULS logs and crawl logs that…


SharePoint Patching Story Improves! (a little bit)

If you haven’t had the pleasure of patching WSS 3.0 or MOSS2007, you’re missing a real fun experience. If you are one of the folks who’ve had to go through the pain, there’s some good news for you. If you’re particularly adept at reading KB articles, you might have noticed this little tidbit in 953749….


Using Team Foundation Server (TFS) for SharePoint Development

Here’s a good read for all of you developers out there. We’ve finally published some guidance on how to use Team Foundation Server for your SharePoint development projects. This post is LONG overdue in my opinion, but we finally have it. The following guidance should follow as well in the next few weeks. Assembly and…


Setting up cross farm searches via Federated Search

In recent months I’ve seen significant issues with search crawl times at numerous customers who have deployed MOSS globally. The issues often are caused by the need to crawl other farms across the world, so “global” results will show up on one search page. Crawling the world from one location is a very bad idea…


Deleting files you don’t have permission to

I’ve been struggling with this one for a bit, but finally found the answer today. On one of my lab machines, I have two hard drives. At one point I was dual booting Server 2008 and Vista x64. I had no need for the Vista x64 system anymore, so I wanted to reclaim the disk space…