WARNING: Issue with Trend Micro AV definitions affecting SharePoint

UPDATE: 12/7 – We have released a KB article to provide more information. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3211219 I’ve been alerted to an issue with Trend Micro antivirus scanners causing problems for SharePoint, and reporting SharePoint files as being infected with a virus. Apparently there was an issue with the updates released sometime last night/this am, which flagged SharePoint javascript…


Workflow Manager and AlwaysOn Disaster Recovery Supportability

A customer recently had a need to build workflow manager in a failover manner with SQL Always On. Russ Maxwell has a post on configuring thisfrom ages ago. After doing a bit of research, it appears that we currently DO NOT support Workflow Manager with SQL AlwaysOn. Stay tuned to this blog post for any updates.


Hybrid Search and Search Popularity Trend Reports

A customer recently asked me why their popularity trend reports were no longer showing any data in SharePoint. The customer had recently moved all of their search functionality to a hybrid cloud search service application from a traditional on-premises Search Service Application. All their search functionality is now powered by Office 365. As of today, popularity…


SharePoint 2016 – Slipstreaming PUs and/or Feature Pack 1

I finally got around to building an RTM SP2016 farm on Windows Server 2016 with SQL 2016. Since Feature Pack 1 has just been released, I wanted to save some install time, and slipstream it into my install bits. I hadn’t done this yet, and wanted to look into the process for 2016. It turns…


SharePoint 2013/2016 and SQL Server 2016 Supportability with SSRS fun facts!

UPDATE: Corrections/clarifications were made on 7/12/2016. Thanks for the comments! 🙂 It’s come up in the last few days where people want to know if SharePoint 2013 will support SQL Server 2016. (support as in store all SP’s DB in…) The answer to this question is no, SharePoint 2013 will never be supported on SQL 2016. (with the…


SharePoint 2013 Trending Tags Webpart

A customer of mine recently had some questions about how the trending tags webpart works in SharePoint 2013. There’s isn’t a ton of info out there, so I figured I’d share my lessons learned. As always, a thanks goes out to Joe Rodgers – http://blogs.msdn.com/josrod/. How the webpart works When you browse to your mysite, the…


SharePoint 2013 – Fuzzy and Phonetic people search don’t appear to be working

I’m currently working with a customer where People search isn’t returning results like they want. Their primary piece of feedback is that if they misspell a name, it’s very unlikely that they’ll get a match. They liked the experience in SharePoint 2010, but 2013 is making them less than happy. We did some digging and…


SharePoint 2013 External FIM Issue-Missing manager property

If you’re using an External FIM deployment to push your user profile information to SharePoint 2013, you probably want to take a read through this blog post. One of my customers reported an issue when they were doing this. All was well, except the manager field wasn’t getting populated, even though FIM was synching it….


This item cannot be declared a record because it is checked out.

A customer recently asked me to help with a problem in a record center in SharePoint 2010. They had one specific record that seemed like it was stuck in some state where it couldn’t be modified. The UI showed either of the following two messages when we tried to delete or modify it. This item…