SharePoint Hybrid Picker aka Wizard: Wrong Tenant Credential Error

A customer and I were trying to re-run the SharePoint hybrid picker, and we kept getting a “Wrong tenant credential” error. We knew the account had global admin rights in the tenant. After digging through some old emails we realized that they Hybrid picker does not support multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled admin accounts. To work…


Creating a SharePoint Online modern team site without an Office 365 Group

In SharePoint Online, modern team sites are created with an associated Office 365 group, by default. Someone recently asked me if there was a way to create a modern team site without the Office 365 group. The way to do it is via creating the site via the APIs or PowerShell, and choosing the STS#3…


Multi-threaded SharePoint Timer (AKA Config) Cache reset script

If you’ve been an SP admin for any amount of time, you probably have had to flush your timer cache at least once. If you’ve done it enough, you probably have a script for it. Some of the older and more popular scripts don’t play nice with SharePoint 2016 due to the introduction of MinRole,…


Long live SharePoint Server! – SP2019 TAP

At Ignite we announced SharePoint Server 2019. For those of you interested, the highlighted features are below. SharePoint Server 2019 is a comprehensive solution for connected information work that preserves structured processes, compliance, IT investment optimized for the way people work through an easily-managed and integrated platform. Big Bets in SharePoint on-premises 2019 are listed…


SharePoint and Chrome Provider Host Application (PHA) Cipher Issue (and Firefox)

A customer recently ran into an issue where their SharePoint 2016 ASP.NET provider hosted applications, running on Windows Server 2016, and IIS 10 started throwing crypto errors. In Chrome, we saw “The webpage at https://app-[GUID] might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new address. ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY”. After some research, reading on…


Strange problems resolving a user account – thanks people picker…

A customer came to me with an odd issue recently. Their customized sites were throwing errors when navigating to document libraries, and few other areas. We cracked open the ULS logs, and ran across the following. (After we repro’ed with ULS logging set to verbose) Looking at the logs,  I noticed a few things. First,…


Another People Picker Post – SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016

A few years ago, I wrote a post about customizing People Picker settings. I recently referenced that post, and it was a bit dated, and could benefit from a little more guidance. That post was based on SharePoint 2010. (The PowerShell was for 2010. The stsadm commands would work for 2010 and 2013) In SharePoint 2013…


Workflow Manager and AlwaysOn Disaster Recovery Supportability – Part 2

A few months back, I posted some information regarding support for Workflow Manager and SQL AlwaysOn, that originated from a customer question. I have an update for that post. We just released Workflow Manager CU 4, which adds support for SQL Server AlwaysOn for workflow manager, support for SQL Server 2016 and some bug fixes….


SharePoint, Office Online Server and Cross farm services support

I recently was asked a few questions I couldn’t find answers to. I’m sharing answers here to help people avoid the process I needed to go through to find the answers. Can I use Office Online Server 2016 with SharePoint 2010? This article gets close to answering the question, but doesn’t include SharePoint 2010. Unfortunately,…


SharePoint Framework Extensions Coming On-Premises in Feature Pack 2

I was watching the SharePoint Virtual Summit this afternoon, and ran across some information that I didn’t see shared broadly in the last week. At Ignite, we announced that the SharePoint Framework Extensions will be coming on-premises to SharePoint Server 2016 in feature pack 2. Our ETA for this is Fall 2017.