Integrating Surveys with Dynamics CRM Online

Quality feedback process is important for any company. Knowing what your customers think of you is essential part of the feedback loop and allows companies to improve in every aspect of their business. In this blog I will be going over setting up the survey module within Dynamics CRM Online.

Installing the CRM Solution for Voice of the Customer

Navigate to the CRM Online Administration Center and Click on the Solutions. Highlight the Voice of the Customer solution as below and click Install.

Once the solution is installed, navigate to CRM. Settings -- Solutions and then open up the VoiceoftheCustomer solution as below.

Agree to Terms and Conditions and click on "Enable Voice of the Customer button"


 You will be presented with a screen as below.

Images and Themes for the Survey

Before we start on a Survey its good to make sure the survey has the necessary images and themes. At this point you will see a new sitemap addition for the Voice of the Customer as below from the Voice of the Customer screen.

Click on Images, and create / upload a new image. First you need to save with a name and under Custom Icon you upload the actual image and submit and you should see as below

Now we are ready to create a theme. Navigate to Voice of the Customer -- Themes. Create a new theme as below. You can click on the particular sections to change out the color.

There are also additional CSS rendering options available in this screen.


New Survey Creation

Now that we have the logos and themes ready to go. We are now ready to create a survey. Navigate to Voice of the Customer -- Surveys and create a new survey.

On the main Survey form, there are a few items you can consider placing such as the Redirect URL's, Privacy URL's, Support Email etc. See screenshot below.

You can also see that I have leveraged the Theme and Logo we setup in the previous steps.

 Now we are really ready to design the Survey. Switch your survey's form to the Survey Designer form.

For editing the section and questions, you have an option for editing in simple or advanced button.

The green highlighted button indicates the Simple mode and the red button highlighted for advanced.

On the advanced mode, you can also see you can pipe data in from CRM. You will see how to pipe this data in when we use the workflow section later in the blog.

 Now let's create the survey questions. For the most part the Survey is drag and drop with the respective type of question from the right pane.

Although this is optional it is important to talk about some intelligence into these Survey questions. For example the last question in the above survey is only applicable when the customer is not willing to recommend this to a friend. Let's Show/Hide this question based on a condition.

Navigate to the Survey -- Response Routing tab

Let's create a response routing and create a condition as below.

Essentially we are checking the condition that the operator value is greater than 6 for the question "How likely is that you would recommend to a friend or colleague?"

Once this is been created, create an action (client) also as below.

Also create a response routing, condition and action for it to show when the value is less than 7. Once both show/hide conditions are set for the Response routing, condition and action are setup you are now ready to publish the Survey.

Preview and Publish the Survey

 You can hit preview of the Survey and make sure everything is of your liking and then Publish the survey and the Status Reason will turn to Published.

Once the survey is published you can see the following under the Invitations and Actions section. I typed in the Invitation Text Link.

We will use these snippets for sending this to the customer in a workflow in the following step.


Using the Survey with Dynamics CRM Online

Now that we have setup the survey, its time to send them from CRM. Let's use a CRM workflow to send these survey's out when we resolve a case.

In this section we will concentrate on incorporating the Survey element as part of the email that gets sent out to the customer.

For the survey to appear in the email, copy the text from Email Snippet on the Survey module. Also you can see I added a dynamics element other1 with a case number (highlighted below) from CRM.


Once a case gets resolved, I get an email as below.

Fill them out, be nice 🙂

If I select a recommend value of 4 as you can see the reason field no shows.

Gone if I select 7 or above.

Survey Responses

Now that I have filled out a response you can see the results at multiple places in CRM.

The Survey Dashboard


Voice of the Customer -- Survey Responses

 Contact -- Survey Responses


Additional Resources


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  1. Upen Waghela says:

    Hi, Can you explain more in details about “copy the text from Email Snippet on the Survey module”. From where to copy email snippet when I have a published survey record ?

    1. RojyThomas says:

      Once the Survey is Published, on the main form there is a section called “Invitations and Actions”, look for the column “Email Snippet”

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