Integrating LinkedIn and Dynamics CRM

As a sales technologist I work with customers and prospects across a variety of industries. There are four tools that I primarily use to do my job, and they are Microsoft Outlook, Skype for Business, Microsoft CRM Online and LinkedIn. Until now Outlook, Skype and CRM were tightly integrated and now LinkedIn is joining the party. Introducing the LinkedIn integration with Dynamics CRM, more details on how to get this setup is detailed out on the documentation at 

Thought I share a few screenshots here...

LinkedIn Member Profile in CRM

LinkedIn Company Profile


Few details you should know

This works seamlessly on the CRM 2015 release, however if you have the CRM Online Spring Release (Carina), then the turbo forms settings needs to be turned off otherwise you may get a JS error that it is not being loaded.

If you run into this issue, turn this option on Settings - Administration - System Settings and the general tab, select the following option to "Yes"

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  1. Hakan says:

    Hi Rojy, I have a quick question; I installed Linkedin Solution on to our CRM Online instance. It says there is no configuration needed but I can't use it even I changed form rendering option. How does it understand my account and connects to Linkedin? Through email? Then, solution recognize my e-mail and pass to Linkedin, is it?

    Thanks for your comments.

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