Quick Reference : ASP.NET and Windows Authentication

Authentication is a process by which the system validates a user’s logon or sign-in information. A user’s name and password are verified and if found correct , access is granted . Windows Authentication is a very complex topic and this post will help you learn a quick overview of windows authentication with Asp.net . Windows authentication…

Quick Reference : IIS Application Pool

What is IIS Application Pool? IIS runs any website you configure in a process named w3wp.exe. IIS Application pool is feature in IIS which allows each website or a part of it to run under a corresponding w3wp.exe process. So you can run 100 websites all in a single w3wp.exe or 100 different w3wp.exe. E.g….


How to fix the error “port is currently used by another application”

I bet you may have seen this error at least once If you are a web developer  🙂 Different error from different tools IIS manager gives ————————— Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager ————————— This Web site cannot be started. Another Web site may be using the same port. Apache gives Apache port:443 is being used…


When and how does asp.net runtime load dlls ?

Let’s look at when and how asp.net runtime loads a particular dll. Your asp.net code needs to load lot of dlls to run your application.When you run your asp.net application/website ,typically it will be under IISExpress (iisexpress.exe) or IIS(w3wp.exe). For a bare minimum asp.net application without any custom dlls created using a default VS template running…