ZUNE! Come and get them!*

“No…. Leave my Zune alone!!!!!!” You gotta take this Zune away from me! Its becoming a health hazard now…. Help!!! Quick submit your entry ASAP and win this cool zune! BTW, people are mailing me and asking me for the if Zune has FM. Yes, it has a FM tuner! Regarding rules & regulations they…


Themes for a free Zune

And so it begins… Contest for winning a Zune is open in Malaysia. Just make a small and simple animation using Expression Blend (free trial version here) and win yourself a ZUNE! The themes missing in my previous post are : Visit Malaysia Year 50th Merdeka Angkasawan Nasi Lemak Some of the ground rules: Please…


Win a Free ZUNE!*

So far we have this: Make an Silverlight animation on a theme provided in the next few blog posts here using Expression Blend and email them to me 🙂 The best animation wins a ZUNE! Simple… Where to get Expression Blend? Download the free trial for Expression Blend 2 September Preview here Contest starting soon……


Want to win a free ZUNE? Watch this space!

For those who want to win a free ZUNE, watch this space!!! Applicable in Malaysia only. Akan Datang! 🙂 Technorati tags: Contest in Malaysia, Free giveaways, Zune, Cool, Annoucement