The Mojave Experiment

I love my Lenovo T60 and X61 which have been running on Vista. The other day I was helping a vendor with his machine which was running XP and I felt so handicapped just without the Search built in the Start Menu of Vista! I can’t believe how useful that is… But of course you…


Why pay more?

We always kinda stereotype more money with good experience. But for me, this stereotype is especially well formed when it comes to staying in hotels. Before I explain any further, allow me to clarify, in Asia, I’ve never really tried many motels before due to the terrible experiences I had when I stayed in a…


UX that you never thought of…

What’s so special about this? Well, The User Experience…   Ever though of the toilet seat making noise when you put it down? BANG! bang! tat! tat! tat….. and the toilet seats settles down on the toilet bowl. When I put down the seat of this toilet, it didn’t make that sound and my reflexes…


Bad User Experience

I installed Tubes in my machine, yes it did work once when I needed it but now this? I pushed ‘No’ a 100 times but it keeps popping up after every 1 minute or so! *frustrated* Very bad User Experience! Tubes Uninstalled! Technorati tags: Bad User Experience, User Experience, Rohan Thomas

1 (means – do research – in Swahili)

Search. Does it always have to be dull? Answer is No! Not, while Silverlight is around! While everyone is stressing on the importance of UX, I’m so glad we did something about it 🙂


Ux (User Experience)

 User Experience. What does that mean to you? Is it important to your company? To your customers? Does it add you your ROI?   These are some of the questions that are running thru the minds of people around the world today.   With the advent of technologies, we are being pushed to improve our…