www.lelong.com.my enables users with videos in auctions

Check out this cool link where they are showcasing Silverlight video trailers for auctioning items.   I must say, creates quite a bit of stickiness and is an awesome feature – I would love to showcase a video of my product when I am auctioning it off 🙂 Very cool! Technorati tags: Customer Stories, Rohan…


www.cari.com.my using Silverlight

www.cari.com.my is now using Silverlight in it’s Chinese forum (with rotating ad – so you might have to reload)and is in the midst of implementing it on their English forum too. Good Job! 🙂 Technorati tags: www.cari.com.my, Silverlight, Announcements, News in Malaysia, Partner Stories, Customer Stories


Presentation for Jabatan Perdana Menteri

Yesterday I went to present S+S, Silverlight and WPF in Implementation Coordination Unit in the Prime Minister’s Department in KL with Sity Nuradila Abdul Satar. Mr. Shuhairi Bin Abd. Ghani, the Deputy Director gave us a very good welcome 🙂 I really appreciate the warm welcome of everyone and thanks for listening. Here are the…


Me Vs. Agent M – Me:0 AgentM:1

Kudos to Live team and Maybank’s Agent M I love Agent M already! 🙂 Technorati tags: Agent M, Maybank, www.maybank2u.com.my, Live, Live Agent


Maybank customers get Live Agent to service them!

Maybank, is now running a Windows Live Agent (WLA) – “Agent M” for Enquires, FAQs, Complains and Resolutions, etc to provide better service to their customers. Want ‘Agent M’ as your friend? Simply add “m.m2u@maybank.com.my” to you Live Messenger and start communicating! Here is how it work at the moment: 1. Start the conversation 2….