Updated Silverlight Gallery

We’ve updated our Silverlight Gallery! Check it out and submit your own Silverlight App today! Technorati tags: Silverlight Gallery, Cool, Annoucement


Popfly in Beta!

Check it out!! It’s finally in beta! I’ve given so many talks about it, and every time the audience gets so excited! Now, it’s finally in beta and everyone can fully enjoy it! Check out the cool new features including Popfly Explorer! Cool Stuff 🙂 Technorati tags: Popfly, Cool, Annoucement


Win a Free ZUNE!*

So far we have this: Make an Silverlight animation on a theme provided in the next few blog posts here using Expression Blend and email them to me 🙂 The best animation wins a ZUNE! Simple… Where to get Expression Blend? Download the free trial for Expression Blend 2 September Preview here Contest starting soon……


Want to win a free ZUNE? Watch this space!

For those who want to win a free ZUNE, watch this space!!! Applicable in Malaysia only. Akan Datang! 🙂 Technorati tags: Contest in Malaysia, Free giveaways, Zune, Cool, Annoucement


Coming Soon: Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio

Guess you guys already know this, but boy! have I been waiting for a long time for this.. Check it out @ Windows Live Dev News Awesome 🙂 Technorati tags: Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio, Windows Live, Annoucement, Cool


Now, this is what I call a manual!*

Technorati tags: Silverlight, Halo, RIA, HD, Video, Streaming, Windows Live Check out the Silverlight powered Halo 3 Manual here. The Next generation of Web media experiences and rich interactive applications! The Halo 3 Online Manual includes a video introduction and an interactive menu with character overviews, an explanation of game controls, equipment descriptions and more….


Coolest Search

Technorati tags: Halo, Tafiti, search http://www.tafiti.com/ with Halo skin!!!! Awesome!!!

Striking Pixels – A show hosted by Design Ninjas!

Technorati tags: Striking Pixels, Webcasts, Cool, Channel9 Here it is! First time in Asia! Striking Pixels! A show that focuses on a different, but very important building block – “The Designers”. Come and see these creative geniuses in action (not just the graphical designers, but we are gonna bring you interactive designers, graffiti artists, and…


Outcome of Sembang

Wonder what happened in Sembang? Jeff Ooi writes about it here. Cheers!