Microsoft BI Wins Raves From Giant Shipping Company

Saw this great article in Information  Week – Thanks to Alex for pointing it out to me.


With the new Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 tools plus PowerPivot for SharePoint, the reports can be done in close to real time, Catassi said, and the functional but archaic process of burning CD's became little more than a company legend.

"That absolutely opened the floodgates, and now our executives and decision-makers want to use PowerPivot and SharePoint for everything," he said. "It's a real game-changer."


"But now, we can just do it directly: we use the Excel Files and PowerPivot, and mix and match the data from external sources with our internal data. It's very easy," Catassi said. "In fact, I would say that the only reason that another CTO or CIO would not be excited about these new tools is that they must not have seen them yet."


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