RIAnomics – a RIA Success Story

On Thursday the 28th of May 2009, Microsoft and SilverCamp (http://www.silvercamp.net/ - Malaysia’s awesome Silverlight usergroup) organized RIAnomics (http://www.silvercamp.net/events/rianomics/) – an event focused around Rich Interactive Applications(RIA) which showcased Silverlight 3 Beta, Expression 3 Beta, ASP.NET 4.0, WPF and PHP on IIS!

We had an awesome participation from 150 designers and developers! Thank you guys for taking time and coming to this event

As you know, we got couple of our partners to showcase what they are working on to you guys:

1. The STAR launched IE8 Accelerator, IE8 Web Slice and IE8 Search (http://thestar.com.my/ie8/)


2. NST launched their News Reader


3. Wicked Networks showcased their Silverlight 3 HD Player


During the keynote of this event, we had Mr. Ken Chin, Chief Creative Director of Leo Burnett come and talk about Innovation and Internet after which Mr. Serm, IT Manager, The Star launched The IE8 Accelerator, Web Slice and Search on The Star home page!

After which we had a Silverlight keynote where we showcased an awesome Silverlight 3 HD application which our partner Wicked Networks is working on!

Then we had 2 simultaneous running tracks, one for developers and one for designers – both were very well received by the crowd

During one of the Designer tracks – Business 3.0 – we also soft launched NST’s Business Time Reader

Big Thanks to the great people who made this event possible:

· Siak Kwan Tang

· Hong Chiang Moy

· Angeline Tan

· LV Chong (MVP)

· Jin Lim (SilverCamp)

· Ken Chin (Chief Creative Director, Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide)

· Serm, (IT Manager, The Star)

· TC Wu (SilverCamp)

· Stan (CEO, Nexus Multimedia)

· Eka (Lead Designer, Nexus Multimedia)

You guys are Stars… 🙂




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