BizTalk Server 2009 Click-Through Demo Available!

Awesome resource!! We have published the new BizTalk Server 2009 click-through demo. The demo, highlights BizTalk’s SharePoint and WF integration and is based on PO and Invoice Processing scenarios. Check it out today! Yours, Rohan Technorati Tags: BizTalk Server 2009,Demo,Click-Through


SQL Server compared to Oracle

Another awesome resource on SQL Server in comparison to Oracle Microsoft SQL Server 2008 provides a data platform with many advantages and business benefits including better security, performance and scalability, developer productivity, and Business Intelligence tools (BI) – all at a lower total cost of ownership. To learn more, check this out   Enjoy, -Rohan…

SQL Server 2008 Manageability

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 provides a policy-based system for managing one or more instances of SQL Server along with tools for performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and tuning that enable administrators to more efficiently manage their databases and SQL Server instances. This functionality helps streamline tasks related to ensuring security and compliance, deploying patch upgrades, and resource…

Discover SQL Server 2008 through a variety of solution and technology-focused white papers

Great resource of SQL Server 2008 white papers on a ton of topics including: Online Transaction Processing/Data Management Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Application Development/Data Programmability Switching to SQL Server 2008   Enjoy, -Rohan Technorati Tags: SQL Server 2008,White Papers

SQL Server 2008 Value Calculator (ROI Calculator)

Yes, you have data management options! Considering a better data management solution? Consider SQL Server 2008 Enterprise to efficiently manage your business-critical applications. Do the math on SQL Server value and you’ll see the efficiencies add up. This tool allows you to input your Bandwidth needs, Sever purchases, etc and then let you do the…


Top Ten TPC-H by Price/Performance

Saw this study by Transactions Processing Performance Council (TPC) Some very interesting observations: In 100GB, SQL Server is in the top 10 best performing, least expensive results. In 300GB, SQL Server is in the top 10 best performing, least expensive results. Check it out here! Yours, Rohan Technorati Tags: SQL Server,Oracle,DB2,TPC,TPC-H,Price,Performance

Windows Cache Extension for PHP

Are you running/wanting to run your PHP app on IIS? Then check this out! Windows Cache Extension for PHP is a PHP accelerator that is used to increase the speed of PHP applications running on Windows and Windows Server. Once the Windows Cache Extension for PHP is enabled and loaded by the PHP engine, PHP…