Is Timing a factor in the Success of Facebook?

We all love facebook, but is it just because it’s something we never had?


Before facebook, there were many and quite a few of them succeeded. But facebook and myspace redefined success – and then there were not so many…

If you think about it, friendster was doing pretty well… Orkut too… and many others…

But little did they know that they were just paving the way for the social phenomenon.

The social phenomenon that is now here, thanks to all those ‘fading’ sites… (I’m sure, if they buck up, they can still stay on and grab on to a piece)

The social phenomenon that now facebook, myspace, other sites, you, me, marketing companies, etc are all riding on.

Why not? Yee-Ha I say… Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

Statutory Warning: Just going to your PR agency and asking them to get you hooked to the social media without knowing about it will get you nowhere

Till next time 🙂

-Rohan Thomas

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