Twitter makes you ineffective almost always…. NOT!!!!!!

That was my attempt at humor with a ‘not’ joke…

Tyson recently introduced me to the manager tools.

It’s a cool site and I do like their podcasts, a little long winded but they do have some great stuff in there.

Recently I came across this entry –> “Twitter, I don’t like it” which starts by saying “I’m sure there are going to be a few people very upset with me. I frankly don’t care” and then goes on to elaborate that twitter is a waste of time because no one wants to know “What are you doing?”

I’ve nothing against this dude, but C’mon!… Wake up… We’re almost in 2009 already!

Just because this dude does not know how to handle the twitter phenomenon, he does an audio post saying don’t use it? C’mon!!!

Look around – whether you like it not, people are on twitter, Obama is on twitter, companies are on twitter, people want other companies to be on twitter, people want to know what companies are doing, people want to know what the influentials that they like are doing!

He also says , “…, you have no business learning when other people are doing laundry, when other people are working with clients, or driving to school, or working with their kids, or whatever else…”.
Then pray tell me, why do you think celebrity gossip magazines are making money? I’ll tell you why… Because people want to know what celebrities are doing!
Why are Paparazzi in business? Because people want them to tell them what celebrities are doing!

In today’s social world where everyone can be a celebrity online, wouldn’t people wanna know what the online celebrities are up to? Especially when these online celebrities point you out to a wealth of useful info online!

Check out the people who talk about when they are washing their laundry, they don’t have  a following (in most cases)!

People want to know what others are doing! Fine, they might not want to know what everyone is doing, but they definitely want to know what people who they know or who they are jealous of or who they adore are doing!

But don’t just take my word for it, check out what Chris Brogan has to say on how he uses twitter

The social phenomenon is here to stay, like it or not, twitter is a now a business tool…

I’d love to know what do you think of twitter?


- Rohan Thomas

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